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The past few years have seen a stark uptick in people seeking mental health services for existential grief and depression. Many people have been left feeling powerless as we watch the seemingly constant stream of distressing headlines roll in: a global pandemic, police brutality, civilians seeking refuge from war, the threat of climate crisis. Our human community has been faced with systemic and collective trauma each and every day.

The Take Action bundle addresses the effect that collective trauma has on our nervous systems, as well as practices to address the stress these events have placed on our bodies and minds. This bundle tackles subjects such as systemic and historic racism, climate crisis, and COVID-19, and offers cultural healing through story and movement. Each session offers hope and healing through difficult times.

Take Action: Processing Systemic Trauma & Grief

$200.00 USD

Program Only

Included features:

  • 7.5 hours of informational & somatic content
  • Accessible any place, any time
  • Great for combatting doomscrolling

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