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Transcending Racial Trauma to Reclaim our Essential Self

In this 4 week program Dr. Webb give you the individual and embodied skills training you need through experiential activities. Learn to work together with clients and community support systems to increase compassion through seeing the function of behavior through the lens of trauma, the loss of the essential self, and how to build a therapeutic space that communicates felt safety. Leave with the knowledge and skills to confidently teach clients how to implement a safe structure that enables the client to resource and rediscover the essential self, exiled due to trauma.

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Introduction to HHT: Integrating Hip Hop Therapy Strategies into Your Practice

In this four part program JC Hall, a Hip Hop therapist, and Cathy Malchiodi, an expressive arts therapist, employ strategies for using HHT to transform dysregulation using hands-on practices that leverage movement, rhythm, vocalization, and invitations to explore meaning that can be introduced in therapeutic settings.

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Embodying Healing Wisdom Workshop

In this 2-day live online workshop with Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of IFS, mental health professionals will learn about the Internal Family System while also participate in a variety of inner-focused experiential exercises.

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Polyvagal-Inspired Meditation with Linda Thai

Traditional silent seated mindfulness practice can be difficult for those whose nervous systems are being challenged by our current individual and collective stressors.

By learning how to shift our nervous system towards a more ventrally-regulated state, we can better prepare ourselves for mindfulness practice, so that we are better able to observe our thoughts and emotions without becoming so subsumed by them that we dissociate.

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Dare to Play with Dafna Lender

We may not be able to see all of the people we wish we could, but we can grow existing in-person connections and set aside time to nurture them by breaking out of the repetitive cycle of our daily lives. How?
Through PLAY!

Take a break from the daily grind and join Dafna Lender in a few quick and easy play sessions meant to help us all experience fun, joy, and connection

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Individual Lecture Available for Purchase in CR Library

Collective Grief & Trauma Conference

Learn expressive and somatic approaches to address collective grief and trauma in our clients and in ourselves.

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Encarnar La Sabiduria Curativa

La Terapia de Sistemas Familiares Internos (IFS) proporciona un modelo innovador para que los profesionales de la salud mental aprendan sobre la transformación, adoptando un enfoque eficaz y compasivo de las partes de los pacientes/clientes que están atrapados en patrones reactivos y les impiden vivir la mejor vida.

Desarrollado por Richard Schwartz, PhD, IFS se basa en el pensamiento sistémico con la visión de que la mente está formada por subpersonalidades relativamente discretas, cada una con su propio punto de vista y cualidades. Es importante destacar que IFS también ve a las personas como un todo debajo de esta colección de partes, el verdadero Ser.

El Dr. Schwartz ha estado utilizando IFS en retiros durante más de 30 años.

En este taller de inmersión de 2 días, los profesionales de la salud mental participarán en una variedad de ejercicios experienciales centrados en el interior en grupos grandes y pequeños.

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4 weken live online cursus met prof. dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Nederlandstalig)

In dit Nederlandstalige live online programma geeft prof. dr. Bessel van der Kolk vier weken op rij een korte lezing die wordt gevolgd door een vraag-en-antwoordsessie. Dit is een geweldige kans om trauma en de behandeling daarvan grondig onder de loep te nemen en verschillende benaderingen te verkennen. Elke sessie duurt anderhalf uur, waarvan het grootste deel van de tijd gereserveerd is voor de uitwisseling met prof. dr. Van der Kolk.

Vragen kunnen zowel van tevoren als live tijdens de vier sessies worden ingediend. Het zijn de vragen, gedachten en ideeën van de deelnemers die bepalend zijn voor de inhoud van het programma. De voorbereiding voor deelname aan dit programma bestaat uit het lezen van “Traumasporen”, het gevierde en baanbrekende werk van prof. dr. Van der Kolk, en het volgen van zijn twee online basiscursussen (video).

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