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Series #1

Deep Dive: Neurofeedback with Bessel van der Kolk

Neurofeedback, also knows as brain wave/EEG biofeedback offers a profound ability to help treat one of the most intractable mental health concerns of our time: severe childhood abuse, neglect, or abandonment, otherwise known as developmental trauma. When an attachment rupture occurs between a child and her or his primary caregiver, a tangle of complicated symptoms can set in: severe emotional dysregulation, chronic dissociation, self-destructive behaviors, social isolation, rage, and fear. Until now, few reliable therapies existed to combat developmental trauma. As described in Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain we are shown that by focusing on a client's brain-wave patterns and "training" them to operate at different frequencies, the rhythms of the brain, body, and mind are normalized, attention stabilizes, fear subsides, and, with persistent, dedicated training, regulation sets in.

This course is presented at the beginner instructional level. An understanding of trauma and neurofeedback is recommended.


Deep Dive w/ Bessel van der Kolk | 60 mins recorded lecture

In this lecture, we will learn about
- Neurofeedback in the treatment of trauma
- How the brain changes with developmental trauma
- What clinical expertise is required to train trauma with neurofeedback
- How to track symptoms during neurofeedback training
- What clinical feedback looks like combined with neurofeedback

You will be able to

- Discuss important issues and challenges within this community
- Describe how neurofeedback can be applied to the treatment of trauma
- List three essential components of provider education/training that must be achieved prior to embarking on offering neurofeedback to patients with a trauma history
- Describe the risks involved in treating patients without sufficient monitoring of goals and progress towards goals

Course Level

This course is presented at the introductory instructional level. An understanding of trauma and neurofeedback is recommended.

Neurofeedback Series #1

$45.00 USD

Program Only

Included features:

  • 60 Minute Lecture


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