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Polyvagal & Somatic Experiencing-Informed activities for creating resilience during stressful times

Learn expressive and embodied practices that will help you re-energize your mind and body, reconnect with your community and yourself, restore your spirit, and renew your sense of play and imagination.

While there have been tremendous advances in treating trauma and addiction somatically, what is less well understood in the field at large is that healing trauma and downshifting distress are not the same as turning on the root drivers of wellbeing. To truly transform the moment-to-moment felt experience, we must shift autonomic baselines towards ventral vagal states- states of safety and connection. And in order to do this, in addition to down-regulating distress, we have to turn on and stabilize connection. In this course, we will explore a connection phenomenology framework for turning on the physiological systems that support a felt sense of safety and connection with Self, Others, and the Living World.

Course Objective

  • Develop awareness about how to self-assess where you are on a continuum of distress as determined by the polyvagal theory
  • Explain the physiology of how the body responds to stress and overwhelming experiences
  • Identify specific restorative practices to address distress based on particular locations on the polyvagal continuum
  • Apply body-oriented practices that implement the use of personal connection assets and resources

Taruno Steffensen

Taruno is a graduate of The Alfa Institute in Andebu, Norway, Taruno Steffensen is certified both as an International Alcohol and Drug abuse Counselor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner of Peter Levine’s trauma healing and stress reduction work: Somatic Experiencing® (SEP). Since becoming a SEP he regularly assists the SE training around the world of other helping professionals.

Taruno’s coaching capacities are informed by over a twenty-eight plus years history in mindfulness meditation, training as an addiction treatment specialist in Norway, and from 2006 through early 2011 working as an addiction counselor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner at the well-known residential addiction and trauma treatment facility, The Meadows of Wickenburg, Arizona. There he specialized in addiction and trauma resolution with respect to sexual compulsivity, love addiction, addiction interaction, attachment, and family of origin issues. After that, he contracted with The Meadows for several years working part-time in the Trauma Resolution Services Department and at Gentle Path, the premier provider of men’s sex addiction treatment.

Taruno S

Polyvagal & Somatic Experiencing

$30.00 USD

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Included features:

  • 70 Minute Presentation

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We do not offer refunds for online courses. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the course, please direct your inquiry to Casey at [email protected]


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