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Here are some extra resources from the faculty and more ways to connect to the community.

Collective Grief and Trauma Conference

Thursday, March 11th - Day 1

Eboni Webb

The Impact of Trauma on Marginalized Bodies

Shoshana Simons

The Laundry of Life: A Narrative Collective Arts Practice

Beverly Naidus & Cathy Malchiodi

Harnessing Climate Grief as Creative Fuel for Change

Collective Grief and Trauma Conference

Friday, March 12th - Day 2

Judy Atkinson

Indigenous Healing Practices: Story Teaches – Art Heals

Diane Austin

The Voice of Trauma: The Use of Vocal Psychotherapy in Healing Adults Traumatized as Children

Jamie Marich

Healing Shame in Addiction Recovery Through the Expressive Arts

Cathy Malchiodi, Michelle Esrick, Molly Quillin-McEwan & Bessel van der Kolk

Witnessing Lived Experiences: Stories from Frontline Healthcare Workers

Collective Grief and Trauma Conference

Saturday, March 13th - Day 3

Amber Elizabeth Gray & Stephen Porges

Restoring Core Rhythmicity: Polyvagal-informed Dance/Movement Therapy with Survivors of Collective Trauma

Collective Grief and Trauma Pre-Conference Bonus Lectures

Cathy Malchiodi, Dafna Lender, Lou Bergholz, & JC Hall

Action-Oriented Approaches to Support Children, Adolescents, and Families During the Pandemic


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