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In an effort to make registration affordable to as many people as possible, Collectively Rooted opted to offer NBCC CEs with the ticket price, and other CEs at an additional fee.

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CEs for NBCC are included as part of your conference ticket. If you paid for registration through our website, you are eligible to receive both live and home study NBCC CEs.

To receive LIVE NBCC CEs you must:

  1. Purchase a conference ticket from Collectively Rooted website

  2. Sign in at the beginning of each presentation

  3. Sign out at the end of each presentation

  4. Complete the course evaluation for each presentation in your learning management account

  5. Your certificate will be available to download from your learning management account once all above steps are completed

If you are unable to attend the live event and require the home study program instead, please reach out to [email protected].

All Other CEs

All non-NBCC CE’s are handled by our CE partner, R Cassidy. Any accompanying evaluations or quiz questions will be administered through their website. All questions regarding the administration of these CEs can be directed to [email protected]

R Cassidy offers CEs for the following professions:



Social Workers

Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists

Creative Arts Therapists

Chemical Dependency Counselors



Please check the full listing on each course to be sure CEs are covered for your profession and state. It is best to check with your state licensing board to ensure that CEs will be accepted for your needs.

To receive CE credit for these professions, you must purchase CEs as an add on. Each pre-conference session is offered as a separate course, while the conference itself is bundled by day – this choice was also a choice designed to keep end user costs down by allowing us to bundle lectures and receive a reduced fee. The breakdown for CEs by day follows.

The links below are for LIVE CEs ONLY. For any given conference day, you must attend the FULL DAY to receive credit

If you are unable to attend live and require home study credit, DO NOT PURCHASE THE CE’S BELOW. Please contact [email protected]. Home study CEs will be available through R Cassidy after the conference has concluded.

Conference CEs

Thursday March 11, 2021

Collective Grief & Trauma Conference: Day 1

  • 1.5 CEs - Eboni Webb: The Impact of Trauma on Marginalized Bodies
  • 1.5 CEs - Linda Thai: Unnameable losses: The unmetabolized ambiguous grief of adult children of refugees
  • 1.5 CEs - Shoshana Simons: The Laundry of Life: A Narrative Collective Arts Practice
  • 1.5 CEs - Beverly Naidus and Cathy Malchiodi: Harnessing Climate Grief as Creative Fuel for Change

Total CEs: 6

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Friday March 12, 2021

Collective Grief & Trauma Conference: Day 2

  • 1 CE - Judy Atkinson: Indigenous Healing Practices: Story Teaches – Art Heals
  • 1 CE - Kai Cheng Thom: When the Centre Will Not Hold: Collective Trauma, Community Conflict & Loving Justice
  • 1 CE - Diane Austin: The Voice of Trauma: The Use of Vocal Psychotherapy in Healing Adults Traumatized as Children
  • 1.5 CEs - Jamie Marich: Healing Shame in Addiction Recovery Through the Expressive Arts
  • 1.5 CEs - Cathy Malchiodi, Bessel van der Kolk, Michelle Esrick: Witnessing Lived Experiences: Stories from Frontline Healthcare Workers and COVID-19 Long Haulers

Total CEs: 6

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Saturday March 13, 2021

Collective Grief & Trauma Conference: Day 3

  • 1.5 CEs - Amber Elizabeth Gray, Stephen Porges: Restoring Core Rhythmicity: Polyvagal-informed Dance/Movement Therapy with Survivors of Collective Trauma
  • 1.5 CEs - Corrine Sanchez, Kathleen Wan Povi Sanchez: Interwoven Trauma: Past, Present, and Future

Total CEs: 3

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Pre-Conferences Bonus Lectures

Cathy Malchiodi, Linda Thai & Shoshana Simons

Introducing Expressive Arts and Somatic Approaches: Pathways to Healing Collective Grief and Trauma

Total CEs: 1.5

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Cathy Malchiodi, Dafna Lender, Lou Bergholz, & JC Hall

Action-Oriented Approaches to Support Children, Adolescents, and Families During the Pandemic

Total CEs: 1.5

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Cathy Malchiodi, Ruth Lanius & Cornelia Elbrecht

Disrupted Rhythms, Regulation, and Relationships: Restoration of the Self in a Post-Pandemic World

Total CEs: 1.5

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