Additional Courses

Trauma-Informed Expressive Art Therapy

Learn more about arts-based approaches, play therapy, creative intervention, and the expressive arts therapies that are applied in counseling, psychotherapy and integrative healthcare. Courses are designed for master's and doctoral level mental health professionals and graduate students in mental health and related professions.

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Starting April 5th | $200

Certificate in Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies

Strategies for managing the nervous system that can help us deal with anxiety, overthinking, emotional flooding, and being overwhelmed.

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Starting March 22nd | $40

Dare to Play

Take a break from the daily grind and join Dafna Lender in a few quick and easy play sessions meant to help us all experience fun, joy, and connection with another person!

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The Power of Process in Healing Dissociation & Trauma

In many trauma-focused modalities, including EMDR therapy, a great deal of fear still abounds on working with various manifestations of dissociation. This course seeks to debunk the myths and provide a practical and sensitive orientation to how the dissociative mind works. Participants are challenged to expand their internal knowledge of conceptualizing and healing dissociation within a trauma-focused lens for clinical practice.

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Polyvagal-informed Movement Therapies

Polyvagal-informed DMT is a humanitarian approach based on the universality of our physiology to working with dance, movement and rhythm that is helpful for children and adults, as well as individual and group psychotherapy or work. The core of this work is breath, sound, and movement as a direct access to regulate the nervous system following traumatic exposure.

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The Advanced Training Program in Vocal Psychotherapy

This post masters, experiential and didactic training program provides the tools necessary for music therapists to work in-depth, with the voice as the primary instrument. The program offers a foundation for the growing number of music therapists who wish to work in private practice with adolescents and adults.

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