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Posted Wednesday August, 25th 2021

The Master Series - September 23rd to 25th

The Master Series - Trauma Edition

This September (23-25), The Master Series places the spotlight on Trauma. Bringing together scholars and practitioners who have pushed the envelope and broken ground in their chosen field of medicine, The Master Series showcases this blue sky thinking to highlight ground-breaking concepts which change the way we think about the experiences each of us has in the world we share.

The Master Series has assembled three of the world’s greatest authorities on trauma - Doctors Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine and, Stephen Porges - who will share their collective lifetime of work in the field of trauma treatment. Although their work has taken them in different directions, each believes that the key to healing trauma is by unlocking the physical manifestation which has been held onto by the body over the course of many years, thus releasing the subject to heal and move forward.

We're delighted to announce that Guy Macpherson will modreate the conference!

And you can still benefit from the Early Bird price only available until Tuesday 31st August.

Sponsored and hosted by Collectively Rooted.

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