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Darrel Toulon Portrait copyright Christa Strobl
#24 – Posted Monday January, 3rd 2022

Healing wartime trauma through stories and dance

A Caribbean-born artist and master choreographer, Darrel Toulon has changed his professional life from being a

ballet director to devoting his work to young people whose lives have been created or changed by war.

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CR Blog Interview
#23 – Posted Tuesday November, 30th 2021

Childhood Trauma Remains With Survivors

Through his nearly 30 years working with the organization AMCHA, Dr. Martin Auerbach has learned that, though intense childhood trauma remains with survivors through the duration of their lives, traumatized individuals can work to make sense of their pasts even as they face old age and its unique challenges.

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#22 – Posted Wednesday September, 1st 2021

Yearlong Recaps: Session 2 with Josefin Wikström

Check out the recap video from session 2 of Collectively Rooted’s Yearlong Program,“Freedom from the Inside”, hosted by Cathy Malchiodi & Josefin Wikström in July.

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#21 – Posted Friday August, 27th 2021

Yearlong Recaps: Session 1 with Sarah Carlson

Check out the recap video from session 1 of Collectively Rooted’s Yearlong Program,“Bodyscore: Dancing with Trauma and Recovery”, hosted by Cathy Malchiodi & Sarah Carlson in July.

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Guy Macpherson Master Series
#20 – Posted Wednesday August, 25th 2021

The Master Series - September 23rd to 25th

The Master Series, Trauma Edition, will happen from September 23rd to 25th.

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