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Jenna Prada and Learning Link
#36 – Posted Tuesday June, 28th 2022

Jenna Prada and Learning Link

Jenna Prada, career educator, has experience in classrooms, school leadership, and behavioral and academic interventions. She currently heads the Learning Link, an organization that helps parents effectively advocate for their children in educational settings. Jenna specializes in differentiating, goal setting, and communicating to create a diverse community of learners.

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CR Blog Expressive Arts Stress Reduction
#35 – Posted Monday June, 6th 2022

Expressive Arts and Stress Reduction

Expressive arts is a way of using the brain and the body to work through stress and traumatic experiences. The use of expressive arts therapy is beneficial to survivors of trauma because it incorporates bodily-kinesthetic methods of expressing memories for which individuals may not have appropriate language. The arts and stress reduction is an under-examined area in research, but studies offer support for this method of stress management.

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Victor Cabral
#34 – Posted Tuesday May, 24th 2022

Healing from Generational Trauma through Empowerment and Community Building

Often we must experience our own healing before we can share this gift with others. Victor Cabral, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Fluence Training, is living his own healing journey, and now moves through his various roles in a focused commitment to the healing that is needed in his communities.

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Screenshot 2022 05 11 at 17 14 39
#33 – Posted Wednesday May, 11th 2022

Stress Management through Somatic Experiencing

Stress is an experience shared and understood by individuals everywhere. It is familiar to each of us whether we face it from societal expectations, the busy structure and demands of our lives, or as the result of traumatic experiences. The external causes of stress and the bodily manifestations of stress are entirely different things.

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CR Blog Banner David
#32 – Posted Monday April, 25th 2022

Strengthening patient care with mental health awareness and relationship

David Wright, a rising medical intern with plans to work in holistic primary care, has developed a passion for integrating relationships and human connection into patient care.

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