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#6 – Posted Monday April, 5th 2021

Expressive Art Therapy: From Music Therapy to a New Therapeutic Approach, Hip Hop Therapy

Expressive art therapy strives to create a therapeutic environment that is beneficial to one’s mental health. Expressive art therapy is a creative way of tapping into your inner self to get a sense of your body, feelings, emotions, and thought processes. The different forms of expressive art therapy are art, dance/movement, drama, music, poetry, and much more.

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#5 – Posted Monday April, 5th 2021

Dr. Cathy Malchiodi on Healing the Mind with Imagination

David Condos of Beyond Theory interviews Cathy Malchiodi, PhD on Healing the Mind with Imagination.

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#4 – Posted Wednesday March, 3rd 2021

Freedom from the Inside: A Woman’s Yoga Practice Guide

Join Josefin Wikstrom and James Fox on March 8th, 20201, International Women’s Day to celebrate the release of their new book, Freedom from the Inside: a Woman’s Yoga Practice Guide. They will be hosting a free webinar featuring the book. They will discuss the unique situation incarcerated women face, their inspiration for the project, and their collaboration.

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#3 – Posted Monday February, 15th 2021

Bessel van der Kolk, Linda Thai & Dafna Lender on Inspired Evolution Podcast

Bessel van der Kolk on
How to Heal The Body Keeps The Score

Dafna Lender on
Power of Play in Parenting

Linda Thai on
How to Heal the Emotional Trauma Stored in Your Body

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#2 – Posted Wednesday February, 10th 2021

Dr. Richard Schwartz en Español: Sesión para acceder a tu yo mismo y trabajar con tus partes en tiempos de crisis

Para toda nuestra comunidad hispano parlante, hemos realizado el doblaje de esta sesión especial con el Dr. Richard Schwartz.

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. en terapia matrimonial y familiar, es el creador del IFS y en esta "Sesión para acceder a tu yo mismo y trabajar con tus partes en tiempos de crisis" nos enseña cómo este modelo nos ayudará a sobrellevar estos tiempos inciertos de pandemia.

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