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#11 – Posted Thursday June, 17th 2021

The Evolving Conversation With Michelle Esrick

Check out Episode 7 of The Evolving Conversation on June 23rd!

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Collectively Rooted Scholarship Newsleter
#10 – Posted Friday June, 11th 2021

Collectively Rooted's 1st Annual Scholarship Program

Read about the first scholarship program offered by Collectively Rooted.

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#9 – Posted Saturday May, 22nd 2021

Interview with Hip Hop Therapist JC Hall

Hip Hop Therapist JC Hall speaks to Collectively Rooted about his work, upcoming course and documentary.

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#8 – Posted Friday April, 23rd 2021

How Gabby Giffords is using music to rewire her brain after being shot

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords uses music therapy to help regain her language and speech ability. Watch her inspirational story in this PBS interview with Jeff Brown. In addition to her personal therapy, Gabby Giffords continues her longtime political and legal advocacy to stop gun violence.

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#7 – Posted Wednesday April, 14th 2021

Dance/Movement Therapy and Survivors of Torture with Dr. Amber Gray

"As we wove together Rachel's 'dance to freedom', we integrated all of the stories, the mine fields of memories related to her pathway of suffering, of the horrible places that she had been. Dance/movement therapy offered Rachel a pathway to create her dance to freedom. Dance/movement therapy showed Rachel the way home."

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